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Why do your nails break and break?

Why do your nails break and break

Without a neat manicure, the image of a woman caring for herself is considered incomplete.  If your nails break, the problem must be solved, regardless of the causes.

Causes of nail breakage

More often broken nails on the hands from the joint influence of external, internal factors. Nail plates, as well as the condition of the hair, indicate a malfunction in the body. If the health is all right, it means that there were mistakes in the care.

External causes

External causes of split nails

Common causes of split nails include:

  • Frequent contact with water, earth, chemicals. Nails of women who wash dishes, clean the apartment without gloves, use harsh water, aggressive detergents, cleaners.
  • Negatively affects the nails and skin of the hands when working in the garden or household plots. Negative changes occur upon contact with soil, products that protect plants from diseases, pests.
  • Manicure flaws. Changes in the shape, the structure of women’s nails, improper use of files, violation of technology remove gel nail polish, nail extensions. Low-quality consumables contain harmful chemical compounds that destroy the natural keratin coating.
  • Injuries. The most common cause of plate separation from the nail bed is a blow, pinching. Mechanical damage, cuts, punctures with tools during manicure can also lead to the problem of split nails.
  • Temperature changes, lack of moisture. Low humidity during the heating season, going out in the cold without gloves, and not drinking enough clean water dries out, destroying the keratin layer.

Internal causes

Internal factors leading to nail plate problems

If adequate care and protection are provided, the cause of why nails break and break is sought within the body. Internal factors leading to nail plate problems include:

  • Vitamin, mineral deficiencies. Ascorbic acid, without which collagen is not produced, is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of brittle nails. The shine disappears, the growth slows down, and the structure of the plates is disturbed if there is not enough tocopherol. The vitamin is necessary for the growth and renewal of keratin cells.
  • The beneficial substance is contained in vegetable oils, nuts, legumes. Retinol provides strengthened immune protection, prevents inflammation. Nails become stronger, shinier if butter, carrots, and sweet peppers are regularly introduced into the diet.

It’s important! A deficiency of calcium, selenium, sulfur, magnesium, silicon, zinc, iron causes splitting, brittle plates.

  • Diseases. Livid color, pallor, stratification is a sign of heart failure. Severely flaky nails with disorders of the thyroid, pancreas. Eczema, psoriasis, fungus lead to discoloration, destruction of the structure of the plates. The body is negatively affected by chronic fatigue, nervous tension, unstable psycho-emotional background, taking antibiotics.
  • Hereditary predisposition. Lack of the amino acid cysteine from birth leads to the formation of thin plates, prone to splitting, brittle, requiring special care, protection.

Home treatments for nail repair

You don’t need to go to a salon for expensive nail repairing procedures to cure split nails. Sick, weakened nails can be resuscitated at home, with the help of vitamin and mineral complexes, wax, medical nail polishes.

Vitamins for nails

Vitamins for nails

If the body suffers from avitaminosis, broken nails, pharmacy vitamins can help. Since not all substances are compatible, scientists have developed complexes specifically designed for these purposes:

  1. German Doppelgerz Aktiv with biotin, zinc, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, wheat germ extract;
  2. beer nail yeast Evident with sulfur, B vitamins
  3. a dietary supplement from Spain Velnatal with Omega-3 fatty acids
  4. Bitra Nagipol 1, which contains, in addition to the main ingredient, iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, vitamins
  5. complex Solgar skin nails hair, maximum health of the nail and hair due to the balanced composition of beneficial substances.

Beauty from within promises BAA Evalar for skin, hair, and nails with brown algae extract. Its intake stimulates the synthesis of keratin and collagen.

Nail sealing with wax


Nail sealing with wax

To get a glossy shine, small defects become invisible, the procedure is repeated every 1-2 weeks. Contraindication to the use of wax-thin, strongly flaky plates.

Therapeutic nail coating

Therapeutic nail coating

After baths, masks, masters recommend covering nails with polishes that create a protective shield against external negative influences while supplying nutrients.

Effective therapeutic coatings used for splitting:

    1. Bend Don’t Break by Jessica with polymers, vitamins;
    2. Famous Names by IBX System, which only comes off with a grown nail;
    3. Diamond Strength by Sally Hansen, which retains moisture;
    4. Nail Envy by OPI, presented by the manufacturer in four colors, containing vitamins, minerals, wheat sprout extract;
    5. Intensive Therapy II by Nail Tek for thin, sensitive plates.

Cautions! The coatings are used as a self-contained fixative or before applying a decorative varnish.

Strengthening of nails with bagel

Biogel for nails

A product composed of proteins, natural tree resins, minerals, and vitamins to strengthen, treat micro-cracks in the nails.

Algorithm of application of the cosmetic composition:

  • for better adhesion, the nails are ground, degreased;
  • Perfect the nails with a primer to last at least two weeks.
  • Stick a flat brush to evenly coat the plates with clear liquid;
  • Place them under the light for a few minutes.

The transparent biogel is covered with a color varnish.

Nail Massage

Nail Massage

For your nails to grow strong and healthy, you need to increase the microcirculation in the growth area, which will provide the necessary nutrition. Massage, which you can do yourself at home, copes with these tasks. Before the procedure, remove the artificial coating from the nails, wash your hands. For extra care, better gliding, use a greasy cream or vegetable oil. Suitable extracts of castor oil, olive, burdock, sunflower, which are applied to the cuticles.

The matrix area on each nail is kneaded alternately from right to left and in the opposite direction. The area from the cuticle to the upper phalanx is then massaged. If the pressure is painful, it is corrected. The procedure should not only be beneficial but also pleasantly relaxing.

The next step of the massage is to give support with the index finger of the pad, pulling the cuticle back to the joint with the thumb. Finally, each plate is massaged with the side of the index finger in quick, intense movements.

Treatment is done regularly twice a day. The result is the growth of strong, healthy nails, elongated nail bed,s and cuticles that do not adhere to the keratin finish.

Native recipes for treating brittle nails

Time-tested folk recipes strengthen brittle nails, making them strong, elastic, and shiny. The useful means, proven to be effective, include masks, baths, application of essential, oily oils.


Folk recipes Nail brittle treatment masks

Restore the structure, nourish the nails at home habitually, using recipes for masks from natural products, improvised means:

  • Egg mask for the nails. The yolk of a hard-boiled chicken egg is kneaded, combined with a small tablespoon of table salt and the same amount of lemon juice. The mixture is put on the plates for a third of an hour.
  • Nail mask with cosmetic clay. A large spoonful of blue clay is diluted in a similar amount of olive extract. Inject iodine (3 drops). The remedy is held for a quarter of an hour, rinse off.
  • Pepper mask for the nails. One teaspoon of nourishing hand cream combined with 1 tbsp. hot water, 0.5 tsp. ground red pepper. The mask is removed with warm water after 10 minutes after application. The composition not only strengthens the nails but also accelerates growth.


Folk Recipes Baths to Treat Nail Brittleness

If you do baths to prevent splitting, three times a week is sufficient. To strengthen diseased plates, they are immersed in healing liquid compositions every day for a week.

Popular recipes

  • With salt. In 500 ml of water dissolve a large spoonful of sea salt, 5 drops of iodine.
  • A herbal mixture. Boil one tablespoon each of chamomile flowers, burdock root powder, and St. John’s wort leaves with a glass of boiling water. Use after cooling.
  • Lemon. Combine the juice of a lemon (50 ml) with 200 ml of water. Do not use more than once in seven days.
  • With beer. Mix 100 ml each of beer, apple juice, warm up.
  • Gelatin. Melt 0.5 tbsp gelatin in 200ml water. After swelling, dip the nails in the jelly mixture.

Applying Oils

Almond, tea tree, avocado, and rosemary extracts are used to strengthen the nail plate. Chamomile, lemon, and eucalyptus oils are effective. Thyme, ylang-ylang, and bergamot essences prevent splitting. These products are applied pure or added to hand creams.

Unrefined cold-pressed olive, mustard, coconut, and sunflower oils nourish and moisturize. To achieve durable results, leave the oil on the plates overnight, wearing cotton gloves.

What to do to prevent nails from breaking

To prevent splitting, take preventive measures to maintain healthy nails:

  • with suspicion of fungus, eczema, psoriasis does not use decorative varnish;
  • lubricate plates periodically at night iodine;
  • keep their hands warm and dry;
  • establish a balanced diet and drinking regime;
  • do medical examinations to detect hidden, slow-growing illness;
  • do the cleaning, washing dishes, working in the garden with rubber gloves;
  • learn how to rationally combine work and rest.

When performing manicures:

  • file the entire free edge of the nail, leaving no untreated areas, correctly use a file;
  • purchase a laser nail file that seals the ends;
  • polish the covering with a buff;
  • Use only high-quality varnishes, primers;
  • do not use solvents with formaldehyde, acetone;
  • apply and remove the artificial coatings according to the technology;
  • before applying a colored varnish, cover the plates with a therapeutic base substance;
  • disinfect their reusable instruments.

To keep their nails healthy and beautiful, lead a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep and eat healthy food.

The first sign of thinning, splitting should be treated in the salon or at home. Use folk recipes, providing additional nutrition, protection.

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