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How to lose weight: an effective weight loss plan, tips, motivation

How to lose weight: an effective weight loss plan, tips, motivation

Losing weight is one of the innermost desires of any woman. Some people ask the question “How can I lose weight in a month?” when a vacation or summer season is approaching and wants to look 100% both in edited photos and in reality.

Try to follow the step-by-step guide: define a new diet, exercise, and the goal to lose weight in a month will not be unattainable.

Do you want to lose weight quickly by 5-10kg?

Are you going on vacation and want to look beautiful in a bikini, or maybe some important party is coming up and you want to appear in a new dress? There are many ways to lose 5 or even 10 kilograms, but losing weight too quickly, like any sudden changes in your body, can be dangerous.

Short diets, diet pills, fasting – all these methods can cause loss of muscle mass and harm the heart.

So what is the best solution? Don’t expect a miracle overnight. Instead, follow the instructions below to quickly, healthily and sustainably get rid of excess fat by 5-10 kg at home.

Lose weight! Simple motivation to lose weight

Losing weight at home is not an easy task, for which you make a plan, stick to it and do not back down until you manage to lose at least 3-4 kilograms.

If you want to know exactly how to lose weight in a month from 5 to 10 kg and lose them forever, then set goals for each week. People get upset when there are no immediate results, especially if they want to lose weight.

Some give up at the beginning of the journey for this reason. But it is possible to lose weight in 30 days at home if the goal is divided into sub-items that are implemented in 3 or 7 days.

How to make yourself lose weight at home. Motivation and tips

Then there will be motivation to lose pounds.

Calculation of calories for weight loss

Calculate how many calories you need to burn to lose weight in a month. The extra half a kilo of human weight is 3.5 thousand calories. Therefore, you have to spend 3,500 calories more than usual every week.

Running at an average speed helps to burn excess – from 100 kcal for every one and a half kilometers. This is how marathon participants lose weight. But it’s worth remembering that excess fluid comes out with sweat, not fat.

Therefore, do not forget about the common causes of weight loss, because you can lose weight in three ways:

  • with loss of water;
  • with loss of fat;
  • with loss of muscle mass.

A sound approach is not going into hunger strike mode, if you sharply limit the amount of food, the muscles will be the first to suffer. The long-term result is achieved by burning fat.

It sounds paradoxical, but you can lose weight quickly in a month only by getting the necessary calories.

By calculating the daily calorie requirement, you can ease the way to slimness and find the answer to the question “how to lose ten kilograms in a month?”.

You can lose weight provided that less energy is consumed than is spent. The basic index determines how many calories you will spend in one day and is calculated using the formula:

BMR (basal metabolism) * AMR (active metabolism) = your daily calorie allowance

In our article, Metabolism and metabolism in the body. What is it? there are all the necessary data for calculations: in the article you will find 3 formulas in which you need to substitute your data and get the amount of calories necessary for life, below which you do not need to go down.

Metabolism is determined by height, age, lifestyle, hereditary factors.

Online Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator

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Activity Level
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Daily calorie intake for women and men. Counting! (video instruction)

Products to lose weight

Those interested in a healthy diet know that the sources of low-fat proteins are poultry meat, tuna fish, etc., low-fat dairy products, various legumes, including soy.

How to lose weight: an effective weight loss plan, tips, motivation

As for complex carbohydrates, in this case it is worth giving preference to whole-grain types of pastries, brown rice, zucchini and broccoli instead of the usual potatoes. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest than their “counterparts” from sweets and soda, which means that the feeling of hunger will come later.

To lose weight, nutritionists advise eating small portions at least 4-5 times a day. It is necessary to maintain a balance in healthy food.

Do not abuse vegetables and fruits alone, add legumes, nuts, fish, meat without fat, etc. to them.

It is worth giving up semi-finished products, fast food, pastries and other dishes containing “bad” trans fats of industrial production.

And useful mono- and polyunsaturated fats are found in nuts, seeds, olives and pumpkin seeds. Polyunsaturated fats are present in fish of the salmon family.

20 foods that burn fat fast

Types of effective diets

At the moment, the choice of effective diets for weight loss is striking in its diversity. Some methods of weight loss come to us from abroad.

Mediterranean diet

For example, many people have heard about the Mediterranean diet, which recommends moderate consumption of red meat, fish, seasonal vegetables. You can also eat olive oil, wine in small quantities, low-fat cheese and yogurt.

How to lose weight: an effective weight loss plan, tips, motivation

Scoring diet

There is a scoring diet, where initially a person is awarded an individual number of points and certain values are assigned to products. You should eat foods that do not exceed a specific amount of points per day.


If you want to get rid of extra pounds at home, vegetarianism will quickly help, while respecting the diversity in the diet.

You can also replenish the protein level at the expense of plant sources.

When choosing an effective diet in order to lose weight at home, the main thing is to keep prudence, not to go to extremes and follow the rules for the period that is assumed for this type of diet. The best option is when a specialist helps you with the selection of a diet, which takes into account the characteristics of the body and medical indicators.

Fiber and bran for weight loss

You have already realized how important it is to follow the diet when losing weight. And bran and fiber can help in this. Those who do not neglect the use of such a product manage to lose weight quickly and acquire the desired slimness without restrictions. For example, corn bran, oat bran, flax bran and fiber.

How to lose weight: an effective weight loss plan, tips, motivation

When using such products, their action works in several directions at once. When using bran and fiber, intestinal peristalsis improves, as a result, the metabolic rate changes, appetite decreases – the drug gives a feeling of satiety. By including bran and fiber in your daily menu, you are moving towards the goal of losing weight quickly and without problems.

Weight loss exercises

As it has already become clear: the basis for weight loss is consistency. This principle also applies to basic exercises for weight loss. Regular workouts will give the expected effect, while casual classes will not affect the weight in any way.

To increase efficiency, be sure to calculate when it is more pleasant and easier for you to exercise.

People-“owls” will be inclined to study after lunch, “larks” – will devote the morning hours.

Do not forget about motivation, such as pleasure or examples of famous people. Some people need the support of friends or a challenge to themselves.

Cardio workouts have proven themselves excellent in the practice of weight loss, which include: running and brisk walking, cycling, swimming, boxing.

How to lose weight: an effective weight loss plan, tips, motivation


For those who are not fond of them, individual sports are useful: tennis, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, etc. Game team sports are suitable.

The main thing is regularity and pleasure from classes. Squat and do push-ups at home, go dancing.

10 simple exercises that will get rid of belly fat

Healthy sleep

Foreign scientists say that it is unrealistic to lose a few kilograms without healthy sleep.

According to the University of Chicago, those who sleep little, 5-6 hours a day, are half less likely to lose weight than those who give 8-9 hours to sleep. This is due to the appearance of unnecessary hormones in the blood of a person who has not had enough sleep: they increase appetite. Get enough sleep so that diets and sports work properly.

Gather your favorite recommendations into a complex and fulfill at least 60-70% of the planned plans. No matter how much you would like, but it is impossible to see a stunning result in a week without serious surgical intervention.

A month or two is the time for those who want to lose weight, for which it is really possible to achieve a weight loss of 3-5 kilograms and consolidate their own successes.

It is important not to stop on this path, encouraging yourself, treating diets and sports as an exciting game or a journey into the world of chiseled figures.

Do everything with a smile and the body will thank you. Do not turn into a nervous personality because of diets. Sometimes peace of mind is more important than a slim waist: positive people are not loved for their low weight. But you can’t launch yourself either. Strive for harmony, do not neglect the advice and be sure to notice changes for the better.

Weight loss plan

1. Drink at least 2 liters of water (8 glasses) a day.

Avoid carbonated drinks and sweetened juices. Water is the most effective means of reducing body weight.

2. Don’t starve yourself half a day to eat well afterwards. You also won’t lose weight if you don’t eat anything for a few days and then start eating the next day. The daily amount of calories you consume only weekly is not taken into account. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, eat 5 or 6.


You will be surprised to find that you will eat much less than before. In addition, your body will not delay eating if you get used to frequent meals.

3. Make it a habit to walk. Instead of going to the nearest store, take a walk. Walking is very important for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Walking for at least 45 minutes daily will help you burn calories.

4. Eat small plates. Studies show that by eating small plates, we get satiety faster and eat less.

Weight loss plan - Eat small plates

Replace all the plates with small plates and say goodbye to the extra calories.

5. Eat more “watery” vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. They are low in calories and strongly clog the stomach.

Weight loss plan - Eat more

Start eating soups regularly (assuming you’re eating very little right now). Soups are very healthy, not greasy and satisfying.

6. Avoid “white” foods with a high carbohydrate content. Foods high in carbohydrates (and foods with a high glycemic index at the same time), such as white sugar, white rice and white flour, cause further weight gain.

Weight loss Plan - Avoid

In addition, after eating them, there is often a desire to eat something else (the so-called “flavors”).

8. Eat at home. When we eat out, we are more likely to eat more fatty and high-calorie foods than at home.

9. Eat slowly. After each bite, try to put the spoon or fork on the plate again. Talk to your family about your day while eating. The feeling of fullness reaches your brain only 15 minutes after you start eating.

10. Eat only when your stomach demands it. We usually eat out of boredom, nerves, habit or stress. If you have problems controlling your appetite, try an appetite suppressant supplement with Korean pine nut oil.

Weight loss plan - Eat only when your stomach requires it

11. Try to avoid sauces. However, if you want to eat them, choose a hot sauce (for example, salsa sauce) instead of creamy sweet sauce. Spicy spices such as cayenne pepper, chili, ginger and vassals help burn calories.

Weight loss plan - Try to avoid sauces

12. Before lunch, exercise or take a walk. This will help you not only burn calories, but also reduce your appetite.


13. Try not to sit at the table for too long. Sitting with friends at a table full of food, we eat more than we would like. Studies show that the more we eat by noon, the less we eat at night. For this reason, try to eat most of the planned calories by noon.

14. Avoid drinking alcohol. If you really want to drink it, choose red wine, mix it in half with water and add a few ice cubes.

Weight loss plan - Avoid alcohol consumption

15. Replace beef and pork with chicken and fish. They are very low in fat and they are useful (an excellent source of antioxidants). Be sure to eat chicken and fish without skin.

16. Eat at the usual time. Irregular nutrition slows down metabolic changes, which means it is much more difficult to lose weight than it is at a certain time.

17. Sleep at least 7 hours a day. It has long been known that lack of sleep increases appetite.

Consistency, discipline and, above all, motivation are important.

To lose weight, you have to stick to your nutrition plan. Try using visualization – imagine yourself and your appearance after you manage to lose weight and reach the weight of your dreams.

5 best tips for weight loss

1. Bring more blue into your life.

Tips for weight loss - Bring more blue into your life
This color suppresses appetite. So take care of the blue tablecloth and wear blue clothes for lunch. The colors that stimulate appetite are red, yellow and orange.

2. Hang a mirror in front of the table. Studies show that looking at yourself in the mirror while eating, you reduce the amount of food you eat to 1/3. Looking at yourself, we remind ourselves of our goals and that, first of all, we want to lose weight.

3. Never watch TV while eating.

Tips for weight loss - Never watch TV while eating While eating, look at the plate and enjoy the taste. Be attentive to every bite. When we eat in front of the TV, we unconsciously eat much more than we need.

4. Brush your teeth after every meal, especially after dinner. Clean teeth and freshness in the mouth reduce the desire to have a snack.

5. Do blood tests before switching to a new diet. Maybe you just need to lower your blood sugar a little to lose weight.

Tips for weight loss - Do blood tests before switching to a new diet

Also try to make up for the lack of minerals.

If you are on a diet, exercise a lot and don’t lose weight, don’t be nervous. You’ve probably increased your muscle mass- fat levels have certainly decreased. Instead of weighing yourself, start measuring yourself.

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