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Body care takes time

Body care

Body care: since summer involves wearing open clothes, then taking care of your own body should begin in advance.

After all, it can also have a number of problems that need to be solved in a timely manner, and what exactly problems are we talking about – and there will be a conversation in our article.

We will also give you a number of tips that will help you eliminate them.

You should start taking care of your body with a scrub

You should start taking care of your body with a scrub

We will start, perhaps, with the problem associated with peeling of the skin and the appearance of cracks on it, such irritations appear as a result of wearing warm high-necked sweaters, sweatshirts and cardigans with long sleeves, warm synthetic tights during the cold season…

So what should be done to change the situation for the better?

And you should start taking care of your body with a scrub, but do not make the common mistake of applying it to the skin before taking a shower.

How to do professional procedures without leaving home?

After all, cosmetologists recommend peeling only on a clean body, after the skin is well steamed, blood circulation is enhanced, and the pores are sufficiently opened.

Such an effect can be achieved only by adopting water procedures.

  • You can prepare the scrub at home, and for this you will need to take ordinary table salt and pour it with high-fat cream, bringing the mixture when stirring to the consistency of a thick gruel, which must then be applied to the body in circular movements.
  • Special attention should be paid when applying this mass to the area of the elbows, feet, knees, since there are no sebaceous glands on these parts of the body and for this reason, cracks and peeling of the skin are more often observed here.
  • Then the scrub should be washed off and rub the body well with a towel, after which a lotion or cream is applied to it.

Dry skin, how measures should be taken

Dry skin of the body, how measures should be taken

Another skin problem that can be encountered after the winter months is dryness, which occurs even in cases when the skin has been well cared for, and the thing is that in the cold season of the year it did not receive sufficient hydration and proper nutrition.

In such a situation, you should take the following measures: after peeling, oil or saturated cream is applied to the skin, and this is done in a thick layer, after which you should wrap yourself in a terry sheet or bathrobe.

As a result, the body will receive the heat it needs, which will allow the skin to receive nutrients in a larger volume, while the dense fabric will absorb excess moisturizer.

Rash and pustules appear on the skin

Rash and pustules appear on the skin

It is no secret to anyone that in the winter season people tend to sweat more often, as they have to spend some time indoors in warm clothes.

And as a result, rashes and pustules appear on the skin.

In this case, the greatest effect can have a bath, which promotes the activation of metabolic processes.

When visiting a bathhouse, a prerequisite is the use of a broom, which contributes to a better opening of the pores and washing out of them the toxins that have been drunk there.

With the help of a birch broom, you can clean problem areas that have a predisposition to the appearance of rashes and pimples, in addition, such a broom is able to accelerate the healing of wounds and abrasions, have a calming effect.

Oak broom has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, making the skin matte and elastic.

What to do to prevent a decrease in skin tone

What to do to prevent a decrease in skin tone

After winter, the skin may become more flabby, since at this time of year there is a lack of moisture and hypovitaminosis is present, and these factors negatively affect the condition of the skin (for this reason, its tone is lost).

In this case, a contrast shower will come to the rescue , the benefits of which we have already talked about. After all, it is able to enhance metabolic processes, which helps to restore the elasticity of the skin.

It should only be remembered that women are advised to abstain from such a shower during critical days.

Effective method of cellulite control

Everyone has heard about cellulite, which can be equally present (both in overweight women and in thin ones), since it does not always have a connection with overweight.

Effective method of cellulite control

Declaring a “war” on him, it is necessary to approach the problem comprehensively, that is, to use several complementary options at the same time.

1. An effective method of combating cellulite is jumping rope, which helps to solve the problem with muscle flabbiness.

Jumping without a rope is also suitable, while they should be frequent and low. It is enough to devote five minutes to this activity every day. You can enhance the positive effect if you carry out exercises in warm sports trousers.

2. Self-massage is also a good method of getting rid of cellulite , for which it is recommended to purchase a hard brush or a special anti-cellulite washcloth, which should be used daily in the shower to massage problem areas until they turn red.

Simultaneously with the massage, anti-cellulite agents should also be used, it is advisable to choose those drugs that contain lipocofein, ginkgo extract, menthol, essential oils, that is, those substances that contribute to fat splitting.

Some ladies tend to gain extra pounds over the winter, which can lead to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin (otherwise – striae).

For smoothing the skin and as preventive measures for the health of the skin of the body

In order to smooth the skin (as well as as preventive measures), you can use a therapeutic bath with the addition of one tablespoon of coniferous extract, and its duration should be fifteen minutes at a water temperature of 38 degrees.

It is good to use starch baths in the fight against stretch marks, for this it is necessary to prepare a solution at the rate of 500 grams of starch per three liters of water, which should be added to a bath filled with water. Regular rubbing of olive oil into the skin also helps to cope with stretch marks, and viburnum juice can be added to the creams that you use after taking water treatments (this composition is able to prevent the appearance of stretch marks due to the high content of specific plant extracts in it). If it was not possible to avoid the appearance of striae, then the juice will contribute to their smoothing.

And remember, your body needs time to take care of it.

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